Steve’s Accomplishments

Fiscally Responsible:

  • Voted to save Mt Lebanon almost $790,000 by refinancing our higher cost debt.
  • No tax increases in the 2015 and 2016 Budgets, and voted to lower the cap on future Wage and Property Tax increases.
  • Achieved cost savings by partnering with State and Federal agencies for road projects.
  • Supported energy cost reduction projects in our municipal buildings.

Upgraded our Parks:

  • Voted for improvements to Robb Hollow, Iroquois, Rockwood, and Williamsburg Parks.
  • Supported efforts of the Mt Lebanon Nature Conservancy to fight the invasive plants in our parks.
  • Pushed for the addition of Recycling Cans in our parks (and in our Business Districts).
  • Multi year Sponsor of our Earth Day in Mt Lebanon celebration.

Upgraded our Recreation Facilities:

  • Improved our athletic fields and platform tennis courts along Cedar Blvd.
  • Voted to fund new ice surfaces, flooring, and lights at the ice arena.

Improved Pedestrian and Vehicular Safety:

  • Voted for multiple Traffic Calming projects and speed timing devices which are designed to slow vehicular traffic.
  • Initiated necessary upgrade to our flashing School Zone signs.
  • Voted for a comprehensive Deer Management approach including education and culling.
  • Voted to implement the recommendations of the Road Safety Audit that focused on pedestrian safety.
  • Supported the “Look Up Lebo” road safety program.

Promoted Economic Development:

  • Approved multiple residential projects on our undeveloped properties.
  • Authorized funds for a promotional video about our Washington Road Business District which was broadcast statewide.
  • Spring Hill Suites opened a 108 room hotel in the Washington Road Business District.
  • Voted for the Streetline parking program which provides real-time updates on Uptown Business District parking availability.

Maintained Safe, Quality Residential Neighborhoods:

  • Voted for 7.7 million dollars of road repair and road reconstruction projects.
  • Preserved the Teen Center program which is now called “Club Lebo”.
  • Voted for the repairs to the Woodhaven and Forest Glen Drives storm sewer system.
  • Supported the addition of a fulltime Narcotics Officer to our Police Department.
  • Our Fire Department achieved an ISO Class I rating. (Only the second fire department in PA to achieve this prized status.)

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